Electric Sessions!

Posted: October 26, 2011 in In the Studio

Just recorded all the electric guitar parts, again using the M-audio. We recorded back at Jared’s house because we found a grate room for the amps to use. We used the classic SM-57 microphone for the amps, Which I placed at the center of the speaker nice and close.  The lead guitar parts went really well, got a great tone out of a Fender Deluxe. We had to re-record the rhythm guitar, as i found the sound to ‘jangerly’ as the frequencies coming though from the high notes was really piercing. So we went back yesterday re-adjusted the tone, and decided to go with a pure sound and just simply cranked up the volume to get natural braking distortion which sounded a hell of a lot better!  We have decided to add some acoustic guitar throughout the main body of the song to add more depth, I feel it will add a much needed percussive element which an acoustic always brings. That starts tommorow!!! Then Vocals on Friday! Keep up to date!



Posted: October 26, 2011 in In the Studio

We decided to go back to the studio to try again but with a different sound card we obtained, an M-Audio 610 firewire. It only has two inputs but thats all we need for now. So we went back into the studio and use the same set-up but with the M-Audio (also we used the Audix kick mic), and we got a perfect result! We got 3 perfect takes with the bass and sounded fab! So the holy soundcard must have just hated that room or something?! Maybe the room wasn’t blessed? Or maybe technology is just stupid sometimes!!! Im sure there is a logical explanation but the sound card works so im happy!!

More Recording Problems!!!

Posted: October 26, 2011 in In the Studio

After geting our new, holy sound card, the first step was to record the guide track, which we did in the studio without any problems. Now the set up was simple; we had 8 inputs into the sound card, so we just hooked up the mics to the soundcard, then linked it up to my laptop, and ran it in logic pro 9.  The next day we planned to record drums using a multi mic set-up, to capture all parts of the kit using the Audix mics! The studio we are at is only small and is on top of a online business, which has a massive supper computer next door that belts out a lot of heat and noise! The problem, however, is not the noise or the heat (even though I need to buy a tennis shirt), the problem is, we are picking up an electrical buzz on all the tracks when armed and recorded. The noise is like a buzz you get from having too much gain. At first I thought it was a bad earth, so I tried unplugging and plugging EVERY plug and power outlet, but still the same problem remained! Just as I started to think god was punishing an atheist for using his holy soundcard, we decided to take the soundcard back to Jared’s house and test it! Lo and behold it worked!!!! So, with out any hesitation, we grabbed the set of Audix mics from the studio and recorded the drums using the ‘recorderman’ technique (to be simple, after all the problems, plus I knew it was a good and reliable technique). Finally, we got the drums done in 3 takes and included all the different sections –success!!!! I must add, Jared is a thumping good drummer!!!  My theory is the buzz is electrical interference from all the computers and electrical devices in the building, and as we got a great result recording the drums at Jared’s house. It remains to be seen where we record next.

Recording Problems

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The Korg Desk is not great for studio craft after all, and is almost impossible to export audio tracks to my laptop so I already decided to scrap that! We managed to get a MOTU Sound Card That Records at 192 kHz, we obtained it from my girlfriends mothers church recording studio!!!! The recording crusade grows with my holy soundcard of Antioch!



All set!!

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Master Plan

So im all set and ready to fly out to the States on the 14th of october for my american expedition! I Will keep my project up-to-date on a day-by-day basis, giving a visual and audio insights to process of my project.


Posted: October 10, 2011 in Master Plan

The aim of this project is to record a single for the American band from Portland, Oregon, ‘Sitting Sideways’. The track will be recorded to the best of my abilities, ensuring maximum qaulity of the final product. The single will be used as a promotional tool for their future album on which I will be the producer for, starting in the summer of 2012. The song will also be a promotional tool for live events in which to self promote the band. When I travel to the states, I will have a maximum of 3 weeks to record and engineer the song from the 15th of October. Once I come back, I will set myself a deadline for the 1st of December to have the track ‘mixed and mastered’ and the final product complete to a professional standard.

Planned Recording Equipment

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Master Plan

List off the equipment I will be using:


  • Cameron guitar: Marshal Valvestate S80
  •  Aryk guitar: Fender DeVille
  •  Adam bass: Fender Rumble 100
  •  Jared: Evens kick head, Evens EC2 12′ 13′ 16′, 14′ evens power center snare, 24′ Zildjian ride, 14′ Zildjian high hat, 16′ Zildjian A custom fast crash, 17′ Zildjian A custom fast crash (Kit is Ludwig standard)

Recording Gear

  • Korg D3200 digital recording studio,
  • Mackie 1604-vlz3 16 channel
  • Tascam msr-16 reel-to-reel (analog 1/2 inch)
  • Crown Power amp
  • Bose L1 compact power stand
  • Mackie 12 channel portable mixer
  • Lexicon mx400 effects processor
  • TC Helicon voiceworks
  • ART multiverb LT effects processor
  • Kustom monitors, rocket five power monitors


  • 2 Neumann kms 104
  • 7 Audix fusion 2 series drum mics
  •  Audix ADX 90 horn condensers
  • Sure Sm57/58’s
  • Rode NTK/NT2-A

The Schedule Week 2

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The Schedule Week 1

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Welcome to the new blog for my latest recording project for “Portlands” Sitting Sideways!