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Final MIX

Posted: December 13, 2011 in The Master, The Mix

The final mix was A lot easier to achieve than previos projects, after speaking with Ben (my lecturer) I realised how I need to achieve a satisfactory mix.  Imagining a dart board as the mixing process is something which really helped assess myself, As the bullzeye   represented the perfect mix and the process I travel getting ever-so close to the bullzeye and then sometimes completely missing.  Visioning that made me realise to me more patient with the mixing process, it also made me realise that I dont think we ever hit that bullzeye but just try to get as close as possible to feel satisfied to final let go.  After making some minor tweaks to my last mix and getting the bass level back to normal! I am finally happy to let go. However I still feel the track would benefit from being mastered, but as I dont have any experience in mastering I will simply leave it to either someone eles or until I feel comfortable having ago myself.




Welcome to the new blog for my latest recording project for “Portlands” Sitting Sideways!