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Filling In The Gaps

Posted: November 8, 2011 in In the Studio

We used the rest of fridays sessions to go over over some of the problems we had and finely tune any parts that bugged us. we re-recored some of the guitar parts that were slightly out of time, and changed the gain and tone of the guitar for the 200bpm section fo the song. We also recorded some backing vocals to help fill the harmonies in the last chorus, which really added some nice depth.


Saxophone Session!

Posted: November 8, 2011 in In the Studio

Fridays Saxophone went swimmingly! Unfortunately, The M-Audio sound card  and valve microphones were not available as they were being used elsewhere. Luckily I brought my Edirol UA-25  which gave us 96khz recording, but the only mic available was the SM-57. So we had to record the Sax using just that! So I simply placed the mic directly infront of the sound hole at about 45 degree angle and about 10 inches away.  Obviously the mic is direct and didn’t get the nice full warm sound I was after, but ‘Hey’ you have to make best with what you have sometimes, I will simply have to play with it in post production and try to get the best possible sound I can get.



Posted: November 2, 2011 in In the Studio

We have had a thew problems with the electric guitar parts, so we are going to make a comeback special and re-record some of the electric guitar parts on thursday! Stay tuned! Oh Sax on friday!!!!




Brass!!!! I have not got too much experience in recording brass, and I always get nervose when coming to do it. We used a (non matched pair of Rode condenser mics (NTK, NT2-A), because of I wanted to use large diaphragm mics but we didn’t have a matched pair (O’well!). Inspired by an article from sound on sound, we positioned the mics both 30 degrees of axis, in a X,Y set-up and  placed them about 2.5 meters from the instrument. This captured the full sound of the brass and to got a nice balance of all the harmonics. The brass players (Jared and Adam) where ‘Top-Notch’, and even when some of the parts composed didn’t quite match up to the track they where still able improvise and quickly adapt some of the parts to fit. The end result was great, i got all i got all i needed from them and then some. So i have lots and lots of brass to play with if needed, which is always nice.!!





Posted: November 2, 2011 in In the Studio

We Finally got vocals nailed before the weekend. The Lead vocals went smoothly and each take (even though I over compensated) was more than useable. The backing vocals took a little longer to work out parts, and to get the other boys (who were not naturally comfortable singers) to get warmed up, but once we got there it sounded fab!!  We used a Rode NTK Valve mic to record both lead and backing vocals, and even though I always swore by my little SE this Rode was a different level and sounded fantastic (nice and warm!).


Electric Sessions!

Posted: October 26, 2011 in In the Studio

Just recorded all the electric guitar parts, again using the M-audio. We recorded back at Jared’s house because we found a grate room for the amps to use. We used the classic SM-57 microphone for the amps, Which I placed at the center of the speaker nice and close.  The lead guitar parts went really well, got a great tone out of a Fender Deluxe. We had to re-record the rhythm guitar, as i found the sound to ‘jangerly’ as the frequencies coming though from the high notes was really piercing. So we went back yesterday re-adjusted the tone, and decided to go with a pure sound and just simply cranked up the volume to get natural braking distortion which sounded a hell of a lot better!  We have decided to add some acoustic guitar throughout the main body of the song to add more depth, I feel it will add a much needed percussive element which an acoustic always brings. That starts tommorow!!! Then Vocals on Friday! Keep up to date!


Posted: October 26, 2011 in In the Studio

We decided to go back to the studio to try again but with a different sound card we obtained, an M-Audio 610 firewire. It only has two inputs but thats all we need for now. So we went back into the studio and use the same set-up but with the M-Audio (also we used the Audix kick mic), and we got a perfect result! We got 3 perfect takes with the bass and sounded fab! So the holy soundcard must have just hated that room or something?! Maybe the room wasn’t blessed? Or maybe technology is just stupid sometimes!!! Im sure there is a logical explanation but the sound card works so im happy!!

More Recording Problems!!!

Posted: October 26, 2011 in In the Studio

After geting our new, holy sound card, the first step was to record the guide track, which we did in the studio without any problems. Now the set up was simple; we had 8 inputs into the sound card, so we just hooked up the mics to the soundcard, then linked it up to my laptop, and ran it in logic pro 9.  The next day we planned to record drums using a multi mic set-up, to capture all parts of the kit using the Audix mics! The studio we are at is only small and is on top of a online business, which has a massive supper computer next door that belts out a lot of heat and noise! The problem, however, is not the noise or the heat (even though I need to buy a tennis shirt), the problem is, we are picking up an electrical buzz on all the tracks when armed and recorded. The noise is like a buzz you get from having too much gain. At first I thought it was a bad earth, so I tried unplugging and plugging EVERY plug and power outlet, but still the same problem remained! Just as I started to think god was punishing an atheist for using his holy soundcard, we decided to take the soundcard back to Jared’s house and test it! Lo and behold it worked!!!! So, with out any hesitation, we grabbed the set of Audix mics from the studio and recorded the drums using the ‘recorderman’ technique (to be simple, after all the problems, plus I knew it was a good and reliable technique). Finally, we got the drums done in 3 takes and included all the different sections –success!!!! I must add, Jared is a thumping good drummer!!!  My theory is the buzz is electrical interference from all the computers and electrical devices in the building, and as we got a great result recording the drums at Jared’s house. It remains to be seen where we record next.

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