The Mix

Posted: November 30, 2011 in The Mix

The mixing process has been exciting! After I managed to structure the arrangement, I started with the mix! I always start with drums first, mixing in the kick mic with the two overheads, and then mixing the kick with the bass to see if they work well together which i feel is vital. I side-chained the overheads and added a slight amount of compression with a slow attack rate allowing the kit to breathe, then i feed that into a Silver-verb using a subtle amount to help warm the sound of the whole kit. The Source bass amp sound was ok but it just wasn’t quite rite and sounded to rich and ‘boomy’, so after I experimented with running it through a virtual bass amp and a EQ, I finally found the sound I wanted a got a nice warm sound but which was clinical enough to clearly here the notes.  The Electric Guitar parts followed much of the same method, again the source sounds where good but didn’t seem to fit the feel of the whole mix. I ended up feeding most of the guitar parts through an virtual amp, and the lead guitar parts through some virtual pedals to get extra bite! The Rode NTK seemed to capture the acoustic guitar perfectly and added a warmth on its own, so I was careful not mess the source sound. All I added was chorus for the intro as it was part of the concept for the sound, and in the main verses a touch of reverb and a little bit of compression just to lift it in the mix. Without going into every little thing I did, The rest fo the instruments I.E the Brass where perfectly recorded so didn’t need much tinkering at all, the only problem faced was how all these different parts would fit within the mix. The Vocals have been the main thing to worry about, even though (again) its was nicely recorded there where a lot of different sections ranging in dynamics and volume. The key was to make sure all the sections kept simular volume and made sure the vocals was the center point and sat above the mix just write (without it sounding like karaoke). Im almost there with the mix, im taking my time and making minor adjustments so i dont overmix and ruin the track. The Track will be done and uploaded to youtube by friday so stay tuned and offer any feedback!



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