“Brass!! Especially On All Hallows Eve!”

Posted: November 2, 2011 in In the Studio

Brass!!!! I have not got too much experience in recording brass, and I always get nervose when coming to do it. We used a (non matched pair of Rode condenser mics (NTK, NT2-A), because of I wanted to use large diaphragm mics but we didn’t have a matched pair (O’well!). Inspired by an article from sound on sound, we positioned the mics both 30 degrees of axis, in a X,Y set-up and  placed them about 2.5 meters from the instrument. This captured the full sound of the brass and to got a nice balance of all the harmonics. The brass players (Jared and Adam) where ‘Top-Notch’, and even when some of the parts composed didn’t quite match up to the track they where still able improvise and quickly adapt some of the parts to fit. The end result was great, i got all i got all i needed from them and then some. So i have lots and lots of brass to play with if needed, which is always nice.!!






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