The next project!!!

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Master Plan

The next project with session will be to work on an separate project, producing an album of the collect material from Sitting Sideways.




Final MIX

Posted: December 13, 2011 in The Master, The Mix

The final mix was A lot easier to achieve than previos projects, after speaking with Ben (my lecturer) I realised how I need to achieve a satisfactory mix.  Imagining a dart board as the mixing process is something which really helped assess myself, As the bullzeye   represented the perfect mix and the process I travel getting ever-so close to the bullzeye and then sometimes completely missing.  Visioning that made me realise to me more patient with the mixing process, it also made me realise that I dont think we ever hit that bullzeye but just try to get as close as possible to feel satisfied to final let go.  After making some minor tweaks to my last mix and getting the bass level back to normal! I am finally happy to let go. However I still feel the track would benefit from being mastered, but as I dont have any experience in mastering I will simply leave it to either someone eles or until I feel comfortable having ago myself.



The Mix

Posted: November 30, 2011 in The Mix

The mixing process has been exciting! After I managed to structure the arrangement, I started with the mix! I always start with drums first, mixing in the kick mic with the two overheads, and then mixing the kick with the bass to see if they work well together which i feel is vital. I side-chained the overheads and added a slight amount of compression with a slow attack rate allowing the kit to breathe, then i feed that into a Silver-verb using a subtle amount to help warm the sound of the whole kit. The Source bass amp sound was ok but it just wasn’t quite rite and sounded to rich and ‘boomy’, so after I experimented with running it through a virtual bass amp and a EQ, I finally found the sound I wanted a got a nice warm sound but which was clinical enough to clearly here the notes.  The Electric Guitar parts followed much of the same method, again the source sounds where good but didn’t seem to fit the feel of the whole mix. I ended up feeding most of the guitar parts through an virtual amp, and the lead guitar parts through some virtual pedals to get extra bite! The Rode NTK seemed to capture the acoustic guitar perfectly and added a warmth on its own, so I was careful not mess the source sound. All I added was chorus for the intro as it was part of the concept for the sound, and in the main verses a touch of reverb and a little bit of compression just to lift it in the mix. Without going into every little thing I did, The rest fo the instruments I.E the Brass where perfectly recorded so didn’t need much tinkering at all, the only problem faced was how all these different parts would fit within the mix. The Vocals have been the main thing to worry about, even though (again) its was nicely recorded there where a lot of different sections ranging in dynamics and volume. The key was to make sure all the sections kept simular volume and made sure the vocals was the center point and sat above the mix just write (without it sounding like karaoke). Im almost there with the mix, im taking my time and making minor adjustments so i dont overmix and ruin the track. The Track will be done and uploaded to youtube by friday so stay tuned and offer any feedback!



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The Band formerly known as Sitting sideways has moved on to a new phase and is now know as ‘Session’.


Back from America to Mix and Master!

Posted: November 8, 2011 in The Mix

I track must be mixed and mastered by next friday, so stay tuned and i will post a link to the track when finished and see if i can post different stages of the mix! Enjoy!


Back from this to this:

Filling In The Gaps

Posted: November 8, 2011 in In the Studio

We used the rest of fridays sessions to go over over some of the problems we had and finely tune any parts that bugged us. we re-recored some of the guitar parts that were slightly out of time, and changed the gain and tone of the guitar for the 200bpm section fo the song. We also recorded some backing vocals to help fill the harmonies in the last chorus, which really added some nice depth.

Saxophone Session!

Posted: November 8, 2011 in In the Studio

Fridays Saxophone went swimmingly! Unfortunately, The M-Audio sound card  and valve microphones were not available as they were being used elsewhere. Luckily I brought my Edirol UA-25  which gave us 96khz recording, but the only mic available was the SM-57. So we had to record the Sax using just that! So I simply placed the mic directly infront of the sound hole at about 45 degree angle and about 10 inches away.  Obviously the mic is direct and didn’t get the nice full warm sound I was after, but ‘Hey’ you have to make best with what you have sometimes, I will simply have to play with it in post production and try to get the best possible sound I can get.



Posted: November 2, 2011 in In the Studio

We have had a thew problems with the electric guitar parts, so we are going to make a comeback special and re-record some of the electric guitar parts on thursday! Stay tuned! Oh Sax on friday!!!!




Brass!!!! I have not got too much experience in recording brass, and I always get nervose when coming to do it. We used a (non matched pair of Rode condenser mics (NTK, NT2-A), because of I wanted to use large diaphragm mics but we didn’t have a matched pair (O’well!). Inspired by an article from sound on sound, we positioned the mics both 30 degrees of axis, in a X,Y set-up and  placed them about 2.5 meters from the instrument. This captured the full sound of the brass and to got a nice balance of all the harmonics. The brass players (Jared and Adam) where ‘Top-Notch’, and even when some of the parts composed didn’t quite match up to the track they where still able improvise and quickly adapt some of the parts to fit. The end result was great, i got all i got all i needed from them and then some. So i have lots and lots of brass to play with if needed, which is always nice.!!





Posted: November 2, 2011 in In the Studio

We Finally got vocals nailed before the weekend. The Lead vocals went smoothly and each take (even though I over compensated) was more than useable. The backing vocals took a little longer to work out parts, and to get the other boys (who were not naturally comfortable singers) to get warmed up, but once we got there it sounded fab!!  We used a Rode NTK Valve mic to record both lead and backing vocals, and even though I always swore by my little SE this Rode was a different level and sounded fantastic (nice and warm!).